1. Why join?

Re: Because its FREE and you can make some extra cash!!

2. Who can become our Affiliate?

Re: Everyone can join who would like to earn some income by promoting on their own way products of ErgoNutrition™. Participation as our Affiliate is proposed to nutritionists, athletes, trainers, coaches, personal trainers, bloggers, website owners, or anyone who has social media presence and want to become active in the Dietary Supplement marketplace, and making some extra cash. 

3. How do I participate in the Program;

Re: First of all you must register as a member on our site hereWe will reward you for every visitor you send to our website that converts into a sale. You can choose to promote our products using our logo, banners or product link. Every time you make a sale we will pay you a commission in return for your marketing efforts.

4. How does the Program works and how are sales tracked ?

Re: After you wıll became our Affılıate, copy the code (tag) for the product of ErgoNutrition™ you wish to promote on your own website or blogg and your own selected promotion method (text, banner, etc.).  These tags enable us to trace the customer journey (when he clicks on your link (banner, product name etc) right the way through to purchase. When /if the purchase is complete, it will automatically appear on your affiliate account where you can view sale statistics which are updated in real-time. Once these sales are appraised for validity, you will be paid your commission accordingly.and you will receive the fee we offer.

5. How do I receive my reward;

Re: ErgoNutrıtıon™ Hellas make payments to its Affiliates every 15th of each month, or the next working day if the specıfıc day is a holiday and of course if you provide all the necessary information we require on how you wısh to be paid