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ERGORECOVERY™ - Advanced Post Training Recovery Formula

ErgoRecovery™ is one of the most effective Post Training Recovery Formulas in the market available. But lets see some scientific evidence first.

Training (strength, speed and endurance) and competition can cause excessive stress on the athlete’s body increasing muscle and joint structural damage, disturbing the hormonal profile by raising blood cortisol levels and lower testosterone. It also eliminates energy levels by lowering phosphagens like ATP and phosphocreatine and has a negative effect on the immune system. In addition the human body can deplete itself of vital nutrients, electrolytes, and water. 

Without doing something about all this, the overall body status will lead to a catabolic state with catastrophic results for athletic performance. Also injuries can occur. 

While in this catabolic state, fortunately, the body is designed to respond to these changes by providing a window of opportunity, a short post exercise period in which all these negative effects can be remedied, as long as proper nutrition is provided and fast.

Studies have shown (Esmarck 2001, Cribb 2006, Ivy 2002) that immediate ingestion (within ten minutes post workout) of a recovery shake can have profound effects with regards to replenishment of nutrients. Not only is there an increased rate of replenishment of plasma/muscle glycogen and muscle creatine stores, research has also provided data on immediate increases in muscle fiber cross sectional area (Esmarck eta al 2001), decreases in protein degradation (Bird et al 2006), and restoration of anabolic hormonal profile (Kraemer et al 2006). Each of these factors contributes toward the abatement of catabolic hormones while restoring the body to an anabolic state.

ErgoRecovery™ will secure your training efforts and maximize performance.

Scientifically and precisely designed, taking into consideration the needs of athletes and individuals in every sport, ErgoRecovery™ will eliminate muscle damage and is taking care about your body energy sources like no other product. It delivers carefully dosed high quality of whey protein concentrate and isolate, rich in amino acids creatine, glutamine and fast absorption carbohydrates. 

This unique recovery blend has a superior anti catabolic effect designed to bring back the balance in your hormonal profile, repair joint and muscle damages and deliver rapid replenishment of your glycogen levels, while a positive nitrogen balance will return into your hungry muscles making them  to grow. 

How to Use: 
As a dietary supplement take 1 scoop after exercise or as recommended by your nutrition advisor.. Dissolve the powder in 300ml water or 400ml milk or other liquid of your choice.

Content:1035g (23 servings)

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