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ERGOFUEL™ - Performance Fuel

ErgoFuel™ contains a simple mix of scientifically proven ingredients with the single purpose to dramatically increase performance immediately.

Carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals (electrolytes) are closely involved in the optimal functioning of our muscles. During training and competition our body loses these ingredients due to transpiration and energy expenditure. That’s why it is of vital interest to replenish these ingredients as energy fuel during and after training and competition.

ErgoFuel™ main energy source is isomaltulose, which is fully digested but at a 26-45% rate slower rate of absorption and with a lower glycemic response than other carbohydrates. This will cause an energy source that will stay longer in the body and constantly available. Additional lactate buffers complete the formula and will ensure enhanced endurance during exercise and competition.

Countless scientific studies have proven the effectiveness of all the ingredients in ErgoFuel™ and this is why professional athletes have chosen it as their main choice as a fluid replenish and energy drink during training and competition taking their performance to the next level. 

Benefits and Use : 

  • Maximize Performance 
  • Fuel long lasting energy 
  • Increase performance immediately 
  • Promote faster recovery of energy sources 
  • Restore vitamins and minerals 
  • Prevent dehydration and enhance fluid balance
  • Improve aerobic and anaerobic workout capacity 
  • Improve tolerance to Lactic Acid production  

How to Use : 

Mix one scoop in 500ml water and drink 1/3 of the bottle 30min before exercise. Drink the remaining 2/3 during your workout. 

Content: 570g (30 servings)

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